Rubber flooring is quickly gaining popularity in a wide range of settings. This type of flooring is mostly used in gyms, fieldhouses, and weight rooms, but more often deployed now in commercial buildings, shopping malls.

Not only are rubber floors resilient, durable, and easy to maintain, but they are also available in many different colors and designs to fit the decor and ambience of any space. Rubber floors have been commonly overlooked because they can be expensive, and assumedly difficult to maintain. On the contrary, rubber flooring is actually quite easy to maintain and while it may cost more than some flooring options, its durability makes it a great long term floor investment.


Durable: Rubber floors can withstand a high volume of foot traffic and they are also water proof so they won’t be damaged by moisture or water spillage. The natural elasticity of rubber is what makes these floors so durable and resilient.

They behave excellently well in absorbing impacts which is why they are popular in gyms and weight rooms. The ability to absorb impacts also makes rubber flooring an excellent option for commercial spaces, where people are constantly on their feet. These floors provide more cushion comfort, than other flooring types. It is a good solution for improving comfort, reduces injuries and fatigue; especially in work environment.

Low Maintenance: Contrary to popular beliefs, rubber flooring is relatively easy to maintain. Simply vacuum the floor regularly because rubber floors accumulate dirt and debris, and mop the floor at least once per week using a mixture of water and a mild detergent. Harsh chemicals for rubber floor cleaning must be avoided, because it will damage the rubber. Cleaning up spills quickly is also important for protecting rubber floors.

Excellent Grip: Rubber flooring is well known for its excellent grip qualities, excellent slip resistance and typically far exceeds the minimum standard of the “coefficient of friction.” Rubber floors are commonly used as gym flooring for this reason and the high slip resistance also makes rubber floors an attractive option in healthcare facilities and nursing homes.

Eco-Friendly: Rubber is a natural raw material that comes from the sap of a rubber tree. The sap is extracted in a way that does not harm the growth of the tree and it is highly renewable. Rubber is also recyclable and it is can be reused for a wide range of applications.

The advantages of rubber flooring make it a great option in a wide range of commercial and residential settings. Rubber floors is an ideal solution in homes for laundry rooms, exercise rooms, and more…

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