Heavy Duty Interlocking PVCs

Key Features

This product is the premier choice for anyone seeking a flooring solution for industrial, commercial or domestic use. The tile offers a range of interlocking PVC floor tile options that are unique, long-lasting, stylish and affordable.

Suitable for practically any flooring application, the Tile interlocking system will provide you with a floor capable of surviving the rigors of everyday and heavy-duty use.

With minimal sub-floor preparation, the unique loose lay system means the Tile is quick and easy to install, with minimal down-time in comparison with other flooring types.

  • Durable – 25year wear guarantee with each of our tiles • Can be loose-laid – quick and easy installation with no pre-treatment necessary
• Low maintenance – easy to clean and stain resistant
• Ergonomic – Excellent walking comfort and reduces fatigue
  • Protects – falling material and sub-floor is protected against damage
• Insulation – improvement of acoustic and thermal insulation
• Excellent anti-slip properties – R10 certified
• Reduced downtime – no disruption to site activities for installation and ready to use immediately • Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable.

Helping you choose the right product

All tiles are designed to be loose laid however there are certain conditions where limitations apply.

  • Tile 5:
 Pallet trucks, carrying not more than 350kg
• Heavier use will require our Tile 7mm tiles
  • Tile 7 & 10
 4-wheel forklift truck with rubber tyres, carrying not more than
  • 1000kg
 Pallet trucks, carrying not more than 800kg
• Three wheeled forklift trucks with rubber tyres, not carrying more than 800kg • Electric pallet trucks not carrying more than 700kg
• Heavier use will require adhesive is used to install the tiles

Tile Granite Range

Available in dark grey and light grey and either 4.5mm or 7mm options.

Suitable for many applications including:

  • Retail
• Offices
• Gyms
• Schools
• Domestic/Commercial garages
  • Warehouse
• Commercial/public spaces • Showrooms

Tile Comfort Range

Suitable for many applications:
• Factory production lines • Workshops • Garages

Tile Open Range

This 14mm Tile can also be used outdoors.

Suitable for many applications including: 
• Factory production lines • Workshops • Garages
• Bars and cafes • Swimming pool surrounds • Play areas

Tile ESD (Electro Static Dissipative) 105 – 107Ω

For areas where electrostatic discharge is an everyday threat, patented Tile ESD (Electro Static Dissipative) tiles are specifically designed and manufactured to prevent damage to electrical devices and maintain safety for employees.

The Tile’s ESD flooring works by redirecting electrical discharge through stainless-steel microfibers within the inner structure of the tile. Each tile is connected to a subfloor conductive grid with various earth points, eliminating potentially dangerous electrical current.

Tile ESD flooring systems provide safety for anyone working in environments where the threat of shock or electrocution is at its highest. Whilst ensuring employee safety, ESD flooring guards against electrical damage to expensive equipment and components.

The Tile ESD flooring is the only patented interlocking dissipative tile to meet all EU standards regarding safety regulations. So, for peace of mind, go for the best choice for both office and industrial ESD flooring.

Advantages vs Alternative solutions

Unrivalled 25 year warranty makes this the most cost-effective flooring solution available today. The Tile’s combination of:

  • Simplicity and speed of installation • Minimal maintenance •

Epoxy Floor

Our solution is quicker & cheaper to install and maintain. No preparation, no shut down, no drying time and minimal maintenance. The modular system allows you to replace damaged tiles individually. It is also colour-fast meaning it will not fade, crack or deteriorate with exposure to direct sunlight and it will not crack or chip when items are dropped.

Rubber Tiles

The solution has a much longer lifespan 25+ years and will be less likely to become scuffed, dented & damaged which can show & hold on to dirt in a much more obvious way.

Ceramic tiles

The Tile is much more comfortable underfoot and provides thermal and audible insulation. Installing ceramic tiles can also be very labour intensive and are unable to take heavy loads so their application is not as varied.

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