ZKFloors partners with market leaders dedicated to green technology and environmentally friendly carpets.

The eco-friendly portfolio focuses on the design and creation of innovative products to meet the needs of architects, specifiers and contractors with a continuously expanding range of carpets to suit the education, leisure, commercial and public sectors.

Product ranges span multilevel loop, textured loop pile, loop pile, structure bonded®, fibre bonded, cut pile and carpets in sheet and tiles, as well as performance barrier system and entrance matting products.

Appearance: Carpets adds to the décor by using color, patterns, and pile heights. With carpets you can create the image you want in your home or business.

Style: From luxurious and elegant to casual and comfy, Carpet give a spaces an entirely different feel, just by changing the style of carpet. Consider a short-pile, patterned carpet for a formal room or a long frieze for a more casual space. With the hundreds of patterns, cuts, and colors, there are literally thousands of possibilities to “fulfill” the style statement.

Insulation: Carpets can help save energy as it is an important contributor to the insulation of the indoor environment (In warm climates, it insulates against invasive heat.). Carpet insulates floors as it provides a psychological feeling of warmth.

Acoustics: Carpets absorb sound and it’s padding further enhance this ability. It’s ability to absorb airborne sound, reduce surface noise (“footfall noises”), and block sound transmission from floor to floor is well known.

Safety: Invariably, slip-and-fall accidents occur on hard surface floors, not carpeted floors. Especially for small children, seniors, and generally the entire family, safety in the home, school and office is a primary focus. We seek a stable, non-slick walking surface that prevents slips and falls and for the time when someone does trip, a surface that protects from bruises and other injuries.

Health: Carpet traps allergens, dust, and other contaminants, holding them until they can be properly removed. Studies have shown that color has psychological effects on moods. With this in mind, Carpets comes in various shades of colors. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, patients remember colors better than numbers; therefore, color in carpet can provide a memory link and better help to orient a person to a specific room or area.

Easy Maintenance: With Carpets, Carpeting is less labor intensive to clean and maintain, it can cost less to maintain as well. Vacuum every few days in high traffic areas, and once a week in less-used areas.

Sustainable: Carpets are innovative products with reduced environmental and social impacts. As a market leader, we feel a profound sense of responsibility to advance our shared mission of a more sustainable future.

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